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Myday's announcements allows you to send key information.

Whether it's notices, letters, invitiations and details of events or even documents, announcmenets allow you to keep your whole-school or select groups informed of what's happening.

Annoucements can have notifications sent to your parents and students using Email or Push notification.

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Powerful Integrations

Myday has partnered together with other renowned school softwares such as EdSmart.


Using the Myday App you can access your external parent permission slips, Moodle, CoolSIS and even FormStack forms.


School Customisation

Bring together hundreds of other school apps you use at school all in one easily accessible place for parents, teachers and students.

We customise your school app allowing you to create a snapshot of your school's day by creating one page you can access newsletters, calendars, school information, social-media links and E-Forms.

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And much more,



School calendars allow your parents and students to get a simple and clear overview of what's coming up at your school.

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School newsletters allows you to bring togtether all your school's newsletters, current, and previous to allow parents to stay infomred with what's happening at school.

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E-Forms allows you to link forms from powerful applications such as FormStack into one easily-accessible screen to easily collect data from your school community.

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Parent Slips

Parent Slips allows your school to give out permission slips to parents without wasting paper. Simply add in all the excursions details and parents are notified to electronically give permission.