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I can't place an online order. How can I fix this?

The Myday online canteen ordering system has been designed to make online ordering a breeze, with you being able to complete an order in only a couple of taps. However to make things more clear, please refer to the below steps on how to create a canteen online order.

Before attempting the below steps please make sure you fully close the Myday app and then reopen it. Also ensure there are no updates for it on your mobile's app store.

Here are the steps on how to online order:

Canteen Order Graphic 1.png

1. From your dashboard navigate to the Canteen subsystem.

Canteen Order Graphic 2.png

2. Press on the foods you would like to purchase.

Canteen Order Graphic 3.png

4. Select the cart button at the top of the screen in order to add your order preferences and confirm the order.

3. Press on the add to basket button at the bottom of the screen.

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